Question My ping spikes whenever some other user uses the internet


Jan 7, 2019

So my problem is that my ping is usually 40-70 ms, and if I'm the only one using the internet in my house, my ping remains relatively low and stable. But whenever somebody connects to my router and browses the internet (Youtube, Twitter, Streaming... etc) my ping spikes to 900-1000 ms and my game starts Lagging AF. So I have to allocate a couple hours a day to cut the wifi from my home just to play online (using ethernet) without disturbance, and usually at late hours after everybody is asleep.

This problem occures to every device using the internet of my home, and it doesn't matter if I'm using ethernet of wifi either.

I have 8Mbps bandwidth ADSL 2+ and I use Tenda D305 wireless router.

I have already posted this question about a year ago and somebody suggested checking the packetthrotteling or something like that and I found it to be the source of the problem. But I can't for the life of me remember what is was I'm supposed to check ! All I remember is that there is a website that tests your internet line and provides the value it supposed to be in.

Can you please help me with this problem! any suggestion is welcomed.

Your problem is 8mbps is nothing now days. It does not take much usage to eat all that bandwidth. Depending on exactly what other people are doing you could be over using the upload bandwidth also which is much smaller I suspect. Years ago nobody much used upload. Games need a little but it is generally video chat and similar that can quickly eat up the bandwidth.

There really is no solution to not enough bandwidth. You are already doing a form of "qos" by cutting the wifi. You could try setting QoS options in your router but they basically do the same thing by blocking or restricting one users use so someone else gets more. it does not actually solve the problem it just reallocates who gets crappy performance.