[SOLVED] My power supply just exploded when I put max graphics on my new graphics card (RX 580 4GB) will my other components be safe?

Feb 3, 2023
My specs: I7-3770 3,90GHz/RX 580 4GB Sapphire Nitro+/8GB of ram by Kingston/EZMAX Varro Prime 500w 80+ Silver

What happened: I was testing some games on the new graphics card (RX 580) and used a max graphics on Genshin Impact, few seconds after I set my resolution to 1080p, Power supply just exploded. I heard a loud pop and plastic burnt smell (from the power supply), and I don't know if this is necessary but my house also shutted down, everything electronics is off after that loud pop. My theory why it exploded is probably because I used a 8 pin to a 2x 6+2 pin adapter for my graphics card

My question is: Will the other component be safe after that power supply explosion? And what new power supply should I buy? 500w? 550w?
Throw the current PSU away, will need to get a good quality replacement to test the system for damage. Its possible hardware is damaged, but it is also possible the damage was isolated to the power supply.
EZMAX Varro Prime 500w 80+ Silver
And what new power supply should I buy? 500w? 550w?
If you had a decent 500W PSU, it would be fine.
Your PSU can barely manage 350W.
Probably you had only one 12V rail connected to your gpu and that's, why it blew up.

Best to ask for advice BEFORE you buy.

Return the aerocool if you can.

500w is insufficient for the RX580, particularly if it is of poor quality.

If a psu does not have a suitable 8 pin connector, it will not have the power to run one through an adapter.
When a cheap psu fails under load, it may not have sufficiently good circuitry to prevent damage to other parts.
The first thing I look for is quality.
Tier lists are nice opinions.
I look for the warranty. If a psu has at least a 7 to 10 year warranty, it will be of decent quality.
Then, I like to overprovision.
If a 650w psu will do, a 750 or 850w unit will not cost much more.
That allows for a future gpu upgrade.
A psu will only use the power demanded of it, regardless of the max capability.
Corsair rmx or Seasonic Focus are good places to start.
Feb 3, 2023
Okay... I returned it, brought my pc to a service repair, and got a 850w Thermal take Tough Power PSU, the repairer guy tested my pc and everything is working, Motherboard, CPU, Ram, GPU, Everything, and 1 more question, is this PSU good?