Question My power went out while installing something onto an SSD and now it is not being recognized by my pc in any way, shape, or form!

Aug 20, 2019
Before I ask anything let me explain how I have my drives set up.
I have an HDD that is set as my default drive. I use that one to boot up Windows and everything. Most of my files are on there. I recently got a secondary 1TB SSD as I'm a video editor and it really would help to have faster drives.

So today I came home and was having a very good day. I sat down and got all my books out to do my homework. I took out all my books, papers, pens, pencils, and booted up my PC. I wanted my PC to finish installing Call of Duty Black Ops 3 onto my SSD instead of my HDD for potential faster speeds. There was a storm at the moment but I didn't think it was that big of a deal, my power rarely goes out. As soon as I opened my online textbook, my power cut off while installing Black Ops 3.

Everything is now booting completely fine, except for my SSD. My SSD is not booting at all. It is installed correctly. My PC was taking a long time to boot, my SSD was working completely fine before the power shut off. I don't think that it would have been fried because no other parts are acting weirdly in any way. It feels a little warm, I had taken it out and needed to know if maybe it just needed to be reinstalled.

The SSD is not showing up in BIOS, Disk Management, File Explorer, or even EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. (idk found that last one online)

I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what happened, I can only assume that the SSD is now corrupted and I need to format it possibly. I have no clue how I would do that at the time when it won't even show up anywhere on my PC. I have no need to recover any files that were on the said SSD because it was fairly new, I had 4 files on there. So, are there any suggestions on what I should do to try to fix this problem?

Specs (I have not overclocked):
  • CPU: i7-7700k Processors (4.2GHz)
  • GPU: GTX1050ti (1379MHz)
  • Motherboard: Z270X Gaming K7 by Aorus
  • PSU: 750W Corsair gold-rated
  • RAM: 16GB (uh forgot speed but shouldn't be too important)
  • Storage#1: 15000RPM 1TB HDD
  • Storage#2: M.2 M9Pe 1TB SSD


Try letting it sit for an hour powered up and then shutdown & pull the ac cord for a minute. Sometimes when a drives internal tables corrupt it takes a while for the controller to rebuild them. Pulling the power cord is to make sure the pc is actually off and not is hybridsleep. I don’t know if this will fix yours or not, some SSD’s cant rebuild after such an event and never come back :(