Question My Psu

May 4, 2019
I have Thermaltake Litepower 450W rn. I use it with a 2200G, I'm going to get a RX 570 tho, its probably trash and i need to buy a new one. Can anyonne help me by suggesting the cheapest psu that can go with the gpu?
Any PSU with the word "Lite" in it's name is questionable at best! What, exactly, is "Lite" about it?

The PSU is the heart of your system, without it NOTHING works!
The PSU is the only component that, if it fails, can destroy ALL of your other components!
Never "Cheap Out" on the PSU, it is false economy!


Dang, turkeys not on pc part picker.
Really, i wouldnt go much cheaper than the CX grey lineup of power supplies.

The seasonic S12 450w 80+ bronze is about $40 and will reliably power an rx570, however the S12 platforn is nearly a decade old.
the s12ii series that ends with 50 or 00 are not made by seasonic and are junk.
the 520W and the 620W units are seasonic and are good units. the 450W 500W and 550W units are not SEASONIC.
I was just made aware of this myself.
I red that some of the S12 weren't made by Seasonic (I believe in the same thread as you did), but I didnt remember which models were bad.
Thanks for the reminder, Ill save that Image for future ref.
I'd just buy the CX550, as anything cheaper is low-end quality wise.