Question my r9 280x is heating when im watching youtube

Aug 12, 2019
few hours ago i was playing minecraft just testing shaders and stuff and i heard my PC GPU/CPU fans were getting louder and louder so i quickly opened the HWMonitor and saw that. That my GPU was at 96C and went to 97C on my eyes i freaked out reached the psu switch i looked at the screen and it said 98C and i turned off the PC i let it cool down for like 10 minutes and i turned the PC on opened HWMonitor and saw that it was at 45C so i let it idle for like 20minutes and it was jumping from 43-45C then i turned on chrome was watching YouTube for like few minutes then turned on twitch and i looked at HWMonitor and it showed 63C and now when im writing this its on 65C and no games are running just chrome (Tom's Hardware Forums and Twitch)

I hope i'll get help as soon as possible because i don't think it should be heating like this
Thanks -Spicelol