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Question My RAM went from 8gb to 1.5gb, what just happened?

Jun 3, 2020
Hello, i need help or someone to explain to me what is happening.
IDK how to start, but after i installed windows from the 8gb(6.9gb usage), the ram just cut of to like 5gb without the usage thing,just 5gb. I was confused and thought that there is something to do with the drivers so i did all the updated and all the drivers and after restarting my PC the ram goes to around 3gb, then i tried cleaning the rams and pc inside but when i boot my pc its just 1.5gb. i dont know what to do or what is happening pls help

Here are my specs:
OS = Win10 pro 64bits
CPU=AMD Ryzen 3 2200g
Motherboard = Gygabite GA-A320M-H
GPU = Radeon Vega 8 (2gb)
RAM = View: https://imgur.com/a/IS7MVr7

As u can see in that photo i have 8gb of ram.

If u need anymore info just comment.


Installed RAM being 2 x 4GB matched modules (dual channel) that were working before at 8 GB - correct?

The Windows 10 install: was that an upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, an update to an existing Windows 10 installation, or a clean install?

Where/how are you seeing or getting the 3 GB or 1.5 GB RAM values?

What RAM total do you see via System Information (versus a third party tool)?

What amount of Virtual Memory has been established?
Jun 4, 2020
I’m having the exact same problem, I went to msconfig, the boot section and advanced, I just made sure that the maximum memory thing was unchecked and I went back to 5.96gb of 8gb so Idk what’s going on