[SOLVED] My Rebar is not working even after resetting bios to default please how do i enable it?

Mar 18, 2023
So i found Rebar and wanted to enable it
but my bios had it enabled as default and gpu-z and NVIDIA panel are saying it is not enabled what should i do?
my specs:
GPU: RTX 4080
CPU: i7 13700KF
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can it damage my mobo in any way?
and how can you set your specs in your profile/comments?
Sorry for the delay.

For the bios update, you will need to use a usb thumbdrive to put the bios file on it. Then you go into your bios, and choose to update the bios through the usb. The update takes about 2 minutes. In which time you have to ensure your pc is powered on, and do not stop the update for any reason. This can sometimes brick a mobo.

With that said, anyone with a modern Ryzen system are well versed in updating the bios. It's more akin to a driver update in many ways. But the process for Intel based systems is pretty much identical.

To put your details in your sig, just go to your profile, click on settings, and then signature, and you can put what you like in. If you want to put a CPU-z confirmed test results, you copy that from CPU-z's website (a link you copy, once the result is verified.) Then simple paste the HTML code into your sig too. Then save, and you're good to go :)

Just took out bios battery and put it in again. sorry for wasting your time.
Did this fix it? Resetting or clearing CMOS was the next step.

Hopefully you're sorted. And no, you didn't waste my time. Happy gaming :)