My rig and Guild Wars 2


Jan 29, 2013
OK so I currently have in my rig, 8gb ddr 1600 ram, a gtx 550Ti 2gb ddr5 gpu and a an amd FX 6300 3.5 ghz cpu. However this game really does not run the way I want it to at all. At lions arch or any town really my fps is terrible like 10-20 In a non populated area it can get up to 60 but that is very rare. I think it has something to do with the view distance and objects from afar. I have most things on low except texture resolution that is on High and when its on low I see no performance increase. My nvidia driver is the newest 310.90 . Is their a tweak or something to fix this or do I need a new video card? If so any suggestions would be great. Thanks all! :)

You do need a new GPU, my GTX 670 does also sometime drop really low on the FPS with everything on ultra in AL. If there was a tweak or a way to increase performance I wouldn't have bought my new system with a GTX 670. I tried it all, but it's just bad optimized I guess. I'm sorry that you need to empty your wallet if you want to get better performance. :(