My rig and Skyrim


Feb 13, 2012
Im putting this rig together in about 3 weeks. I wanted to know how far I can push Skyrim
with this setup. I will also be working with Maya 2013 and Mudbox 2013.

Here is my setup...

AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz
ASRock 970 EXTREME4 AM3+
SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6950 2GB
Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3 1600
OCZ Agility 3 120GB SATA III SSD
Western Digital 1TB
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus
Rosewill R5 Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Case
Sharp Aquos 40" LED LCD 1080p with HDMI
Not a good CPU for gaming really, these days for gaming intel is better significantly and every price point even an aggressive overclock only lets AMD catch up. Its a good GPU assuming the price is good ie £25 or $37ish below a 7850. Avoid coolermaster power supplies they are very good for coolers but stick to Antec or Corsair for PSUs. The rig should run Skyrim on ultra settings though even though you can get a better CPU for the money.
Pentium G870 $10 less or i3 2100 $10 more. Even a $68 Pentium G630 is better. See:

If you already had an FX 4100 or 6100 then no not really but if you are building a new PC its definitely worth it.

True I forgot about the early patch that made it need less CPU power, I also checked with my brother and he plays it on Ultra with an Athlon 445 overclocked to 3.6GHz and a Radeon 6870. No idea what FPS he gets but there is no lag.