May 20, 2011
I was playing lol i heard a pop then 5 minutes later bsod (0ffffff- . I zipped my gpu so its exactly horizontal now it started but i had like five mins of black screen then finally she booted. amd rm application seems to have caused this im going to reseacrch what that pertains to but if any1 has had this happen if so did it go away or was it a persistant lil ah heck thankyou Joshua Pduke
Hearing a pop is not good news! Something went bad (cap?) either on the motherboard or the PSU.

Unplug the computer from the wall outlet. The motherboard is easier to inspect, so I would start there. Remove the side panel and using a bright light and a magnifier, carefully inspect the motherboard components particularly the caps. Look for leaking caps as well as bulged caps.

The PSU is a little more difficult to inspect.

Corsair has a simple 'paper clip' test, but that is only for testing good or bad. It does not test the PSU under load.

There are lab methods for testing PSUs that use water resistance loading, variable resistance loading, etc. These are not for home users.

Most home users just plug in a spare known good PSU and check to see whether the problems go away.