My Rig, please tell me anything/all about it!


Oct 14, 2009
Ok, so im buying a new computer.
These are the specs i HAD IN MIND, but now im starting to change them:

CPU: i7 920 2.66ghz (O/C to 3.6ghz to 4.2ghz? in that range, but it must be stable)
Cooling: obv. water cooled, but only the cpu.
Graphics: GTX 295 1786?mb 886bit? (sorry i dont memebr the last few numbers correctly)
Case and PSU: Antec twelve hundred, 750w? or should i go with 1000w?
RAM: (12GB) i had in mind the corsair 2000mhz, but i saw a forum page here that changed my mind (want more info on ram, i know about it, but not when it gets technical, eg. CAS? WTF? And when it comes ot volts, apparently 1.65v is safe, but ppl do push past that and surive?)
Ill have a 320gb drive
2x LG 22x SATA Drives
Mobo: Asus P6T DELUXE V2 (best o/c mobo i read in several forums)

maybe a few other things.

Please tell me all that there is too this rig, and if there will be any problems, or plus sides too it, any upgrades or anything i should know about it, whther some parts are worth spending the extra on or not etc.

Detail comments are appreciated :D Thanks

And windows 7 upgrade form vista x64 bit

P.s im tech savvy but new to O.C so yeah.
Because this will be an OC rig, i will need detail about that too.
Btw CLblah blah mean in RAM?
You haven't said what the computer is for. Because of your choice of video card, I am inclined to think gaming - unless you are going to do something with CUDA.

If gaming, you do not really need the triple channel memory bandwidth. Put the money into a P55 system.

CAS, CL, etc.? Google is your friend.

Why 12 GB of RAM?

For a single GTX295, something like a 750 watt Corsair - either HX or TX - will work nicely. If the TX850 isn't much more, get it instead.

Why hamstring a powerful computer with a 320 GB HD? Buy one optical drive and put the difference toward a bigger HD.

If you are going to get an i7, overshocked did a nice job here:
i7 OC Guide



Oct 14, 2009
Ok, it'll be used for hardcore Photoshopping, 3ds maxing, and yes hardcore gaming.
and yes 320gb cuz i got a external 1TB :D
ok ill go and google the P55 and CAS, CL k

But what speed of ram should i be having etc?

Oh btw coul dsomeone link and excellent extreme water cooling KIT please?