Question My right mouse button key is stuck, please help me this is my favorite mouse I got it for christimas last year

Pretty sure there is a teardown on ifixit, but if not, the general thing is
Take off the shiny "feet" at the bottom of the mouse, then take out the screws, it should open freely after that, but there might be a ribbon cable or something between the top half and bottom half so take it apart very slowly and check before prying them apart.

then check the right click for any debris, or stuff stuck in it.

But ill warn you, ive done it to my 2013 mamba tournament edition, and the feet never go back on the same, but maybe its cause i didnt both to change the adhesive.


Apr 26, 2015
Obviously unplug the mouse from computer when you do the repair. There are plenty of vids on youtube. I've repaired two DeathAdders..pretty easy. Watch the ribbon cable as stated. A small pocket knife and gentle action will get the feet off. Some adhesive may stick to pad and some to the mouse. Put the pad back exactly as it was so you don't double up adhesive on one side and none on other.
You also want isopropyl alcohol (drug store) and it should be at least 70% (90% is better). Squirt quite a lot in to the right mouse button micro switch and work the switch in and out with your finger multiple times. Shake out excess liquid and then do it again. Shake out excess, and wait for it to FULLY dry. Reassemble.