Question My RTX 2060 Doesn't work! No signal on screen after week

Mar 8, 2019
First of all i am sorry for my bad English :(
My problem is:
I have a problem and God I'm tired of many solutions I saw, I bought a card RTX 2060 version Gigabyte Windforce oc 6G and the card works well first week so everything is perfect and performance of the legendary card.. I installed the card on the board B360 and processor i5 8600 and 16GB RAM and the Evga
500 watts and the FHD 144Hz screen from Acer with the DP input. Every legendary thing from the day I ran the device and the screen No signal I tried every solution in the world..When I removed the card and the pc was running and working on the same DP cable with IGPU.. I think my card is died :(... I had a deficient definition of the PCIe x16 and the important manager And then worked after the card and after the device was washed and Jet is working the same problem and the screen gives me no signal and the number of solutions I have made so much that I installed a new Windows full of new and the latest updates Microsoft version and tried a huge amount of solutions. Finally discovered a solution myself Clean Unplugged Device This is a non - useful definition of RTX 2060 After the game and everything returned to nature.. Notice Windows player on the hard SSD of kingston After the device was eavesdropped and grew: The second day running the pc appeared the same problem tried the same solutions What I thought please if you have a solution saying that I tired from these problems I had GTX 1050 before RTX 2060 And it's work well for 6 months.