Question My Rx 580 perform very poorly. Can bad window installation be the reason ?

May 22, 2020
I built my new pc rx 580, intel i7 4770k and 8×2 of ram. The way I installed windows was very weird. ( my first build). I took an HDD of a broken Asus laptop that had windows installed in it, and I attached it to the mobo as the main HDD drive. My new pc immediately booted into this laptop version of windows. It was super slow so I reinstalled windows. The weird thing was, when windows was reinstalling, the pc still thinks he is an Asus laptop. Windows even installed all the necessary Asus apps ot that laptop including nvidia stuff. However, the windows was much faster. So I didn't have any concerns. I just removed all the junk including nvidia related applications.
Once I start testing my new reg in gaming I start noticing very poor performance and occasional crashes. The PC crashes with blackscreen and no signal everytime I fire Heaven benchmark. I couldn't even complete a full benchmark not even once without crash and hard restart. Pretty much any heavy load on the gpu cause the PC to crash.
I tried pretty much everything I found on the internet except fresh windows installation and changing Rams. Could this laptop version of windows be the problem?