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Question My ryzen 5 2600 is under performing.

Dec 24, 2019
Hello, is recently bought a ryzen 5 2600.
I saw some benchmarks in the internet such as cinebench r15. They got a score of 1290 and i am getting a score of <1110!?? If i overclock my cpu to 3.85Ghz i will get a score of 1180, but that is pretty low. My cores are boosting in gaming around 3.6Ghz, if i look at other benchmarks online i see their clocks around the 3.75Ghz.

My temps are pretty good. The fans are running arround the 1000 RPM and the temps stay below 60c most of the time. (While gaming)
When i stress test my cpu the temps will hit 65c.

my pc specs:
Ryzen 5 2600 (Cooler: Corsair H60i aio)
rtx 2060 ventus
Gigabyte b450 aorus elite (latest bios)
16gb 2933Mhz corsair lpx ram.


Last line.
16gb 2933Mhz corsair lpx ram.

Ryzens have multiple cores and those cores are linked by Infinity Fabric. The speed at which those cores use the IF is set by ram speeds. Faster the ram, faster the cores communicate, higher the cpu performance, higher the cinebench.

Those other pc's are running 3200MHz ram.

You aren't underperforming in the slightest, you are just not performing as high as others with a better setup.

It's like saying you own a 6cyl mustang that's not as fast as your neighbors 8cyl mustang. Doesn't mean you are slower than the 6cyl mustang down the street, just that 8cyl mustangs are faster.

You might get better performance possibly by OC the ram or tightening the timings.
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