[SOLVED] My ryzen nightmare and why I am considering to buy the new 9700k


Apr 5, 2013
My ryzen user experience has been the worst.

Since I want an upgrade for 3d modeling and rendering I purchased the ryzen 2700x.
At first I was stupid enough to ignore the warnings about the ram and bought this config.

asrock fatality motherboard
corsair 3200 mhz ram (incompatible)
gtx 1080 ti
1000 watt psu.
ssd and hard drives.

It worked the first time, I played some games then tried to overclock the ram.
I just ran the x.m.p 2 profile many times, some worked for a while then it suddenly crashed, others just stop posting altogether. I DID NOT TOUCH THE VOLTAGE.

So i left it at "stable" 2666 mhz.Windows crashed, then I tried to boot again and the motherboard would not post.
It used to cycle between processes and one memory error until it stopped at error 90.

I tried to reset the cmos for week but nothing would work. I was incredibly fed up with this error that i decided to buy a more expensive motherboard, an asus x470 motherboard.

I bought some new ram that is compatible with the new asus motherboard.

Today I tried to put it all together and it still would not boot.

I dont think is related but the asus motherboard debugg tells me that its a VGA Card problem, I switched the card but nothing happened.

Now I have two motherboards and two differents sets of ram that I need to return. This has been a painful process and I really dont know what to do.

The new ram is in the compatibility list of the asus motherboard. WTF.

My cpu seems fine, no visible damage not even in the pins.

My drives work fine but the pc would not even post.

I tried putting my ram in other slots, I think my cpu got damaged by using it for 4 hours the first time I turned on the system.

When it worked cpu temps were fine.

What should I do? Go for intel? Replace my 2700x?


What slots were you using the memory in? I had a issue where it wouldnt allow DOCP (AMD XMP), wouldn't run at the correct timings nor voltage. Turned out that the memory for dual channel needed to be in slots A2/B2 when I had them in A1/B1, easy fix. You'll also want to update the BIOS as well since it helps with memory compatibility.


Apr 5, 2013

Its not even posting man. I tried every slot with one ram stick, no luck so far.



Well for the no posting I'd thoroughly go through this list.

I highly doubt you've received multiple dud components and it's probably something minor you overlooked. Since the LED Debug said it was VGA you may need to make sure it's properly seated and powered additionally via the PSU.
Jun 13, 2018
Check the voltages of the PSU with a Multimeter, I had the same kind of troubles with one of my builds and it was the 3.3 V supply that delivered only 2.9 V, it took me ages to find out what was the problem.
Before you make the jump to the 9700K also think about the 8700K which is 6 cores 12 threads as opposed to 8 cores in the 9700K. The 8700K is a phenominal CPU that will do a great job on the 3D modeling side and you will never have to worry about incompatiabilty issues and it overclocks with ease to 5GHz..the extra threads might just provide an ovberall better experience on the productivity side....

Saying that, Countmike again comes to the rescue and makes a great point on the X470 having fixed a lot of the RAM issues suffered on the older X370..That might the better route if you cannot solve your issues and want to save yourself the expense on a new 8700K/9700K and Z390 motherboard...

Have to admit I feel your pain as I too went the Ryzen Gen 1 with a 1700 and some DDR4 3000 ram and had frustration after frustration and went back to Intel....before anyone gives me a hard time...I know Ryzen is great!!! and second Gen is much better across the board with far les issues...and of course much cheaper with great production workload performance, though with Intel, I have yet to have any RAM or overclocking issues for many years after moving from the old Athlon series back to intel...


Mar 24, 2015
Lots of solid advice. Since you already changed the mobo, the RAM, and the GPU, look towards the remaining commonalities ... the PSU, and the CPU. The answer to your problem, I would guess, lies in there somewhere. Change out the PSU if you can, and if you still have the problem, send the CPU back for an exchange.
Myself, I've probably completed 2 dozen Ryzen builds, 1700's to 2700X's, in the past 6 months. My "go-to" for parts is Asus mobos and GPUs (nVidia), G.Skill TridentZ in whatever speed matches the build (3200 for the one my desk now), and always, always, always Seasonic Focus 850 Watt Focus Plus Gold PSUs. Good quality parts make all the difference in the world.


Apr 3, 2018
Something that seems overlooked and just want to be sure.

The machine won't post, or won't boot?

I have run into a situation where trying XMP actually messed up the Win install and had to start clean to get it to boot. It would give me a splash and post though.



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