[SOLVED] My Samsung monitor is stuck on burn-in mode ?


Sep 29, 2020
After accidentally breaking my new 24" CRG5 curved samsung monitor, i returned it and got sent the same one back by amazon. After only 2 days of using it, my new monitor, all of a sudden, started showing and cycling through 5 colors: black, white, red, green and blue. Non stop and nothing is visible through it, not even the integrated menus. (It's still fonctional but i just cant see anything by the damn colors). I dont want to have to return it again . ;-; As we speak, i got back after a week of not playing and the colors were still flashing for like 5 minutes, after that, they were gone. I started playing Call of Duty Vanguard and 15 minutes in, the colors came back and now im stuck on them again...