My sapphire rx 580 nitro+ doesnt get me the highest fps needed

Feb 6, 2019
Just like the title says

I have run total war rome 2 on extreme without any of AA and other stuff like texture x2 ... etc

When i see the benchmark the fps drop to 10 fps at some points and even 30 fps i see that the game run and stop half a second .
I searched on youtube ( total war rome 2 sapphire rx 580 nitro+)
In the benchmark of youtube the average fps is 75 fps but mine is 29 fps lol

My specs:
4gb of ram
Sapphire rx 580 nitro+
Motherboard (msi h61....)
Cpu i5 3340
Psu 500w cooler master

(I saw another youtube video that using i5 2400 but his games are runing smoothly)
Take all youtube videos with a hefty grain of salt, but.... did you set ALL of your settings to EXACTLY what the YouTube video had set?

Are you using the same CPU?

Did that user also have only 4gb RAM?

Also - this is going to sound like a stupid question, but, is your monitor connected to the video card's output, or to the motherboard's onboard-video output?

Try running a hardware utilization monitor (HWInfo seems to be the one I see mentioned a lot), and run it while playing the game. See if the CPU, RAM, and/or GPU utilization seems to stay at or near 100% for any of them.