Question My screen had some horizontal lines

Oct 10, 2021
Hi. I just bought a new PC about 2 weeks ago and I used integrated graphics until my GPU arrived. Now, I have the GPU but I have an old monitor that does not have a HDMI cable. So I had to buy an adaptor (VGA to HDMI) and now everything is ok except one thing.

When I first turned on the PC my screen had some horizontal lines, I installed the gpu software, make an update but there was no way to get rid of those lines. Next I tried to enable Virtual Super Resolution which seem to do the job. However, then I tried to turn on a game and I played a little bit. What I saw is that when I close the game or put it in taskbar those lines will come back and I'm talking about more lines. The only way I found to solve this was to turn off the Visual Super Resolution. Then I open the game again, same thing when I close the game, I had to turn on again the VSR in order to get rid of those lines.

GPU is a rx560 4g. Please help me, maybe there is a way to make everything work just fine. I also made a factory reset on my monitor but it didn't work, also it's kinda old this screen.