Question My screen randomly goes black/ freezes while gaming ?

Feb 13, 2021
Hello, tom's hardware readers, this is my first post here so please dont bash me with minor formatting errors or something like that
This only happens when im playing games btw, it seems like the problems happen no matter if its a 2d game or a 3d one, BUT it doesnt seem to affect Flashpoint games, no matter if they're on unity or flash. ive tested it in payday 2, chivalry, people playground, just cause 2 and a couple of flashpoint games.
My "gaming" rig is just an inspiron 580 with a gpu that the previous owner tossed in it.

Dell Inspiron 580
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
I3 540 stock
GTX 750 that i overclocked a bit for 2 months (200 core/300 memory? not sure)
4GB DDR3 RAM at 1666mhz
500gb of main storage + 120gb alt storage (both HDDs)
I dont know the exact brand of my power supply but i think its 80+ bronze and at least 300 watts.

Sso, a few days back, i was downloading chivalry, and when i went to start it, my game froze, i ctrl+alt+del'ed and focused back on the game, then a few seconds after that my game froze again. I just said "fine, whatever" and went on to play another game.
I started payday 2 as normal, but 30 seconds after going past the "press any key" screen the game just freezes and all text is gone, only the character/some GUI elements are visible in the screen, and the background lost almost all color contrast, it was basically just shades of grey.

I've tried uninstalling nvidia drivers and installing new ones, ive tried using ddu to delete everything related to gpu drivers and reinstalled them again, ive tried underclocking my gpu, which did not solve the issue. ive checked temps, they are just fine (gpu never went over 70c, same applies to the cpu).
Benchmarks run fine, the problems only start popping up in games.

The only thing that i suspect now is that my GPU is a goner and theres no way to fix it, but i really hope thats not the case.
Is there anything else i can do?

I only had this system for 4 months and i had a lot of problems but none of them were gpu related, only a few storage errors and a bad ram stick.
One thing that also happens (but currently only occours in people playground) is that some orange/white lines appear on the screen for a split second, like the tip of my cursor just gets streched to the top left corner, and ive only seen it happen in a specific area of the display.
I will try to post some pictures/screenshots of the visual glitches if i can.
(BTW, sorry if theres any misspellings/gramatical errors, im not native to a english speaking country and im also not fluent)

I forgot to mention, recently (see: 1 week ago) i started getting pop ups from windows telling me my GPUs display drivers stopped working, this only popped up 3-5 times tho, and that never happened while i was playing a game.

It seems like the freezing problem can be fixed by limiting my fps to 30, but i still need to test it in other games, so far, ive only tested it in section 8 prejudice.
And now i am getting abnormally high cpu usage, like, in games where i used to get 40-70% cpu usage while getting 70+ fps, i am now getting 90% + cpu usage, even when im limiting the fps to 30.
I did not install anything except chivalry, and i cannot find which process is using so much of my cpu in task manager.
EDIT 3: Well, there goes my pc, i changed VGA cables and now my pc wont even boot into bios, how can i close this thread?
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