Question My sound settings are not the same since clean install


OK. So I was running into issues with some games just crashing on me, and some other stuff, and I chock this up to the fact that I switched motherboards from an ASUS board to an MSI one.

So I finally got around to backing up some stuff and typing up a check list of programs and stuff to do after the clean install and did the clean install.

So my main issue is this:

Before, I would have Voice Meeter installed as well as VB virtual audio cable.

I would then select Voice Meeter as the main audio output, and in VM I would select to take the audio and output it to the virtual cable.
Then the virtual cable would be set in recording to have the option to listen to this device and I would output that to my Razer Man O' War headset.

Before the clean install, if I were to scroll the volume wheel on my headset it would adjust volume levels for the headset itself and not affect the system audio.

But now it just controls system audio which doesn't actually change audio because that has to be handled in VM software.

So now I can no longer control the audio in my headset with the scroll wheel and have to open either sound settings in Windows and go to the headset and change it, or the simpler option is to open Razer Synapse 2.0 software and control the slider in there.

Anybody know how I can go about getting back this functionality that I used to have?

The reason for having separate audio levels is because I do live streaming and use OBS, and being able to have the system/game/music audio at one balanced level in OBS and have it be whatever I want in my headset is important. Because otherwise, my headset and main system audio output would be the same and if I were to lower the volume for my hearing, it would also lower the volume for what OBS captures and would lower it for the stream and I don't want that since it will throw all my sound leveling out of whack.