My specs build for a rig in the upcoming November and december sales


Nov 1, 2012
This rig is mainly for MMORPG online games main as Guild Wars 2 and Aion. But i also play DOTA 2 which is not a considered MMORPG anyhow.

I'am picking between 2 sets and you guys will help me out which one is much better for me.
The first one is UPGRADING 2 component: GFX and Core.
The second one is UPGRADING 3 component: GFX, Core, Motherboard
MY PSU: 430w

I might also find a higher one thats preferable 600w or which ever is recommended for me. Now for the specs


1280x1040 Monitor Resolution
Asus M3a
AMD Athlon x2 64 dual core processor 5200+ 2.7 ghz
8gb ram corsair ddr2 or ddr3 i think..
Geforce 8600 GT
Psu: 430w
Win7 64bit

So the first set i plan upgrading just gfx and core:

GFX: Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 OR 6870 $149.99
or Sapphire Radeon HD 7700 $110.99


OR Second set: gfx, core, motherboard

GFX: Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 OR 6870 $149.99/$169.99
or Sapphire Radeon HD 7700 $110.99

Core: i5-2500k


So let me say some statement about those 2 so first 1:
-same mobo, upgrade core, upgrade gfx (hope wont bottleneck)
*for mobo it says cpu support list not included for core they say i just need to update to latest bios and it will be successfull other members were able to be successfull with it so they recommend me.

-upgrade from amd to intel
-upgrade core,gfx

Question is:

So set 1 will cost much cheaper saving maybe $200 or more, but i dont know if its worth it. OR should i just go to set 2 an all new cpu type for total of $500 . You guys are more experienced and expert than me help me out. This is towards more about gaming MMORPG online remember. I dont want to play with no laggs/spikes in terms of FPS droppping i dont care if i dont have to play max settings medium or high is fine but i just want a stable or perfect FPS that doesnt drop.

iam also having trouble picking between sapphire radeon hd 6850/6870/7700 if theres other recommendation once again feel free..if not which one can you recommend me?
*in my stores they dont sell 6850 instead 6870 and 7700 only. BUT if 6850 is really worth it i can buy it online at newegg.

Note: i will upgrade my psu please recommend me how much watts i should get it for if i upgrading to either set 1 or set 2. Also feel free to tweak any components if needed if theres any replacement for a better price or item.

I appreciate your help. mostly to thor221 for helping me out building my rig. i just have to finalize other problems and concerns.
If this is your motherboard it does not support the 955BE or any other CPUs worth getting, it also only supports DDR2 RAM so you will need new RAM as well with any motherboard upgrade. I suggest you get a cheaper motherboard like this one with an i3 3220 and a Radeon 7850 as for gaming the graphics card is more imporant than the CPU.
I'd strongly recommend to upgrade your CPU and mobo if you want to play current games. I have that CPU in my fathers desktop, he doesn't game, but that CPU sometimes has troubles playing movies...

I'd go with what simon suggested, it's a decent upgrade on a budget.