Question My specs: what component can I upgrade to make Tarkov playable?


Nov 19, 2004
I’m looking to upgrade some components in my Desktop PC so it can handle the graphics work load of ‘Escape from Tarkov’. I suspect I might need to upgrade my graphics card and possibly my RAM type but I’m not sure.
I would appreciate any advice on:
  1. What component or components should I upgrade?
  2. What should I upgrade to considering the rest of my PC specs may become a bottleneck if I get too recent a new component? In other words, if you suggest a component to upgrade, can you recommend what version of that particular component also.
I prefer to play Tarkov at my monitor’s native resolution of 2560 x 1440 (I’ve tried 1080p and it’s horrible). I did turn all other graphics setting to the lowest possible but even with this, I am getting such a low framerate that aiming is almost impossible as the smallest mouse movement shunts my aim too many pixels past my target.

I don’t need to get blistering fast components, just enough more power to be able to play Tarkov and to give a few more years to my 4 year old PC.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I’ll list my specs in detail and also my PassMark and Geekbench scores.

GAME: Escape from Tarkov - (currently suffering very low frame rate on minimal graphics settings apart from resolution which is native monitor res of 2560 x 1440)

COMPUTER SPECS: ACPI x64-based PC (PassMark rating 4,192)
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
MOTHERBOARD: Asus maximus 6 Impact
CPU: Intel Core i7 - 4770S 3.10GHz, 4 cores, 8 Logical Processors (PassMark score = 9,358)
RAM: 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM 1333 MHz 2 channels (Kingston KHX1600C10D3/8GX)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 - 4GB Ram (PassmMark average score = 5,362)
HD: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB
MONITOR: DELL U2713HM 2560 x 1440 (I run two side by side but only use one for the game.

PASSMARK OVERALL PC RATING: 4,192 (79Tth Percentile Rating)
- CPU MARK: 9,632 (76th Percentile Rating)
- 2D GRAPHICS MARK: 633 (58th Percentile Rating)
-3D GRAPHICS MARK: 5,629 (75th Percentile Rating)
- MEMORY MARK: 2,358 (75th Percentile Rating)
- DISK MARK: 4,880 (88th Percentile Rating)

- GEEKBENCH OpenCL Score 15,621
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Look at the game's listed hardware specs.

Most games list the hardware requirements in some form of "minimal", "recommended", and "best".

You do not want "minimal" and you do want as much "best" as you can afford and/or install.

Another thing to do is learn more about how your system is performing:

Boot up and use Resource Monitor to observe system performance while the system just "idles".

Then drag the window to one side and continue watching while doing light work and browsing. Lastly play the game.

Task Manager can be used in much the same manner.

Determine what apps, processes, and services are using resources and to what extent. You may discover some bottleneck....

However there is likely some point of diminishing returns where (no matter what you add or change) any meaningful improvement in performance is unlikely.


What is the video card? Your specs say GTX6070; don't think that is correct.
If your RAM listing is correct, it is running slower then it is rated. KHX1600C10D3/8GX Kingston should be running at 1600: You can set the RAM speed in your BIOS either manually or by enabling xmp. That will help a little in Tarkov.


Feb 28, 2015
If you have a 670 i suggest you get a better gpu, the cpu you have is not the best, but can run the game fine, i will say get an rx 580 or a 1070 depends on your budget
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