Question My speed tests show 9 ping, 300 Down and 35 Up but I still get packetloss

Sep 14, 2019
I was getting packetloss while playing fortnite with 150 Down and 12 Up so I upgraded my plac to 300 Down and 30 Up but nothing changed. My speed tests are all excellent but somehow I cannot get rid of packet loss. Ive tried optimizing my ethernet port settings but still no. I've tried changing to google DNS but no improvements. The only way i can avoid packet loss is to turn on speedify but then my ping is 20 higher than normal. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening?
You have to find the source of the packet loss.

Tracert might show it to you if the loss is very high. You can also use a command called pathping but it can be confusing to actually know what it means.

In general you can only fix hop 1 and hop 2 you see in the tracert. Hop 1 is between your computer and the router. You should never see loss if you are using ethernet. Hop2 represents the connection between your house and the ISP. This is the most common location and is mostly due to issues with the cabling.

Your first step though is to find where the loss is occurring.