My splinter cell conviction wont start...keeps loading forever!!!


Sep 26, 2012
I earlier played sc conviction on my ati radeon hd 5450.....(i know what u r thinking,, ran good (25-30 fps)(at some medium some low at 1024*768)that time..
but now i have upgraded my card to a not so good 9800 GT..
This time i installed sc conviction again but a terrible thing happens everytime i start the game...
The ubisoft logo appears, then unreal engine, then they show some crap written on screen and after that,
on the bottom right corner, there appars a rotating three dot sequence (similar to the sign of the night vision goggles of sam fisher)
that sequence keeps rotating forever and the main menu screen never appears...any fix for this..???????
i am using xp sp3, prefer gaming at 1280*768, graphics preset doesn't matter much to me,