My SSD has lost almost 80% of its power in 2 week (Pictures)


Jan 26, 2012

OCZ Agility 3 120gb has lost nearly all of its power after 2 week and was bought from a reputable retailer in store. At first it was running at its correct speed when i tested it, but i have now tested it again and it has insulted me. Its like the lights are on, but nobody is home any more. It used to have a WIE score or 7.9 and now having run the test again 2 week later it is now down to 7.1. Also the program i used to benchmark it has shown me the massive power loss, when at first it was showing the correct speeds. :heink:


Your link does not work.
How is the SSD configured, what driver Are you using, is trim enabled?
What MB are you using, which sata port, intel/marvel/amd ?
Run AS SSD, do not bench mark, just look at the upper left.
It will Identify make/Firmware version, driver, and if the partition is aligned.

NOTE: If you do benchmark with AS SSD, you will be very dissapointed as You will find (The reason I don't recommend Agility 3's - PS I have 2 of them) The Sequencial performance will be no Better than if you installed it on a SATA II port - So much for it being a SATA III SSD!!!!

Have to Run, But if you answer the above questions others will come to your resue.