My ssd is getting lower scores then stated.

Actual solid state drive performance will differ from published specifications and benchmarks. Companies choose a benchmark that makes their ssd's look most favorable. Some companies manipulate the benchmarks to make their ssd's look even more favorable. There is a reason the benchmarks are called "synthetic benchmarks". At best they are only a very very rough approximation of real world performance.

You have a 30GB ssd. The general rule of thumb is a small capacity ssd will not perform as well as a large capacity ssd. That's why companies typically send out 256Gb ssd's for technical reviews.

Please run the ATTO benchmarks Dereck47 mentioned and post your results.


Nov 25, 2010
ahh I see, you guys are right, I just ran it on another benchmark and got 180mb/s - 65mb/s alot better and closer to what it states. I was worried that I had something messed up in my bios. Thanks.