[SOLVED] My ssd is not showing up in bios settings

Jun 12, 2021
Hey everyone i recently bought an nvme ssd -LITE ON - insert it in my hp pavilion cx-150056wm , (already had 1tb hdd) I installed windows 10 on the ssd and i formated the hdd , and then my laptop restarted and tried to boot from the empty hdd and gives me the error message 0xc00000e ( check picture ) i went to bios settings to set the ssd as main and first drive and i didn't found it only the hdd appears ,
PS 1 ; the ssd is properly working because when i get the error in picture i press Esc and i enter bios settings and exit WITHOUT changing nothing in bios and then windows boot normally from ssd ,
Im really confused the ssd is working but not showing in bios
so in conclusion here is the problem : i turn on laptop , it gives me error like the picture , i press Esc , laptop restarts it gives me uefi firmware settings , i press F10 i get to BIOS , i exit without doing nothing , then pc restarts and boot normally from ssd
i need a solution so the laptop boot from ssd in the first place
PS 2 ; not my picture ; but same error
image : https://imageshack.com/i/pmqUisMkj


Feb 4, 2019
Looks to me like you need to use a windows install media usb or something to format and delete all partitions to get back on track again, unless of course you have an actual hardware fault.