Question My SSHD 1TB Drive doesn't always spin up

Nov 11, 2019

My SSHD Drive has for roughly 8 months every now and again chosen not to spin up on my PC, when this has happend I have taken the cables out cleaned the contacts on the drive and put them back in and the drive would work once again! It was last week when it did it again and I did the same thing and it worked for another week, then last Friday it stopped again and I couldn't get it to spin up again unless I plugged it into another Desktop PC I have. I then returned it to the PC it usually lives in and it worked again, however once I turned it off for the night and returned in the morning it was no longer spinning up again. I seem to get it to work all the time in the other PC but it doesn't seem to want to work in my normal PC at all anymore.

I have tried different SATA cables and power cables and the drive still won't spin up and I've plugged it into a different SATA port on the motherboard. I have also tried a separate hard drive in my PC and it spun up fine, so I am really confused as to why this one has chosen to stop spinning up now as it no longer will spin at all in my PC.

Thanks for any help in advance!