My stupid PC part 2


Jan 8, 2002
Ok, thankyou all for the help from the previous. After much searching I have found what I think may be the cause of my problems. I noticed when booting up (on the task bar) this window pops up saying c:\winnt\system\cmd.exe but there's nothing in it. Then it disappears. Then another windows pops up and says UPDATE in capital letters and this connection to what looks like something out of MIRC. It moves so fast I can't see it. Then it shuts down.

I used those programs that the rest of you told me to get, reg cleaner and startupcpl but I can't find this program. I've searched for MIrc anything and still nothing. I'm pretty much at a loss right now.

Has anyone heard of this or how to get rid of it? I mean how do you get rid of a program if you don't know what it is.

My stupid PC. The saga continues......

Rahul Arora


Feb 16, 2003
These windows popping up are obviously someplace in the startup sequence of windows. Since you say you have StartupCPL installed, go through it and uncheck everything except the MobSync application and try rebooting...

Many programs now needlessly install invisible tasks on your system. Right click on My Computer, click on Manage and then Services and Services again. See if there are any programs you don't need running at startup being installed a services and set them to manual. (You'll be amazed how much win 2k stuff you can turn off and still have a viable system!)

Hope this helps.