My system gets often restated


Sep 18, 2009
My system gets often restated during routine work or playing games .I consulted a computer service center but the could not resolve the problem.
The system configuration is as under:-
Mother board Asus P&P55D-Deluxe
Memory OCZ 1600 XMP edition triple channel DDR3 3 Gb !gb each.
G.Crad. XFX geforce 9800+
CPU i7 860 2.8
PSU. OCZ 700w modxstream.
Op System Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

some says power supply is exceeding and some power supply is insufficient...I am really confused with this problem. please advise

Yes i doubt it is anything to do with the power supply also.
an 700w and a good brand name does not strike me as your problem.
Like the post before though, it could be related to your cpu reaching its max temp.
The cause could be if the case that your HSF on the cpu is not fitted right.
Or that in your bios settings you may have a system shut down set up too low when the cpu goes above the level set in the bios.