My system is having some problems displaying / starting up


Apr 2, 2011

So few days ago i was playing Rocket League and the screen flickered black 2x. The second time it did it i had to restart my PC because it stopped showing anything. I start it all up go in again, same thing. Only this time the windows said it had problems starting up. I tried repairing it and nothing worked. So i figured my windows got corrupted somehow and i reformat it. During the whole process i have these two thicc green vertical lines on the screen. Still won't boot to actual windows. At this point, the mobo splash screen and bios are all fucked up too (picture in the album down low). I finally got it to boot with safe mode enabled and as you can see in pictures, it's glitchy there too.
I should add that anytime i wanna load the windows, the system kinda gives up after the spinning animation of Win10 and the screen stays black forever.

It probably looks to be my GPU as my brother used his in my system and things looked ok and started up.

What do you guys think?

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