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[SOLVED] My system is unable to turn off by itself.

Jan 4, 2020
I had some issues with getting my computer to POST and I did not know why, I've since been able to install windows and use the computer as normal with no problems. The original problem has to be some weird power business. Firstly, to boot computer I have to let it sit for a couple minutes and then the computer will POST. When I go to turn my computer off or restart it will be unable to restart, my lights on my keyboard and mouse turn off and all signal to my monitor goes away. Despite that my fans don't slow down and it doesn't turn off. I left it on overnight thinking it was just taking a second to turn off, but it literally didn't change at all. I have to manually turn it off via the power switch on the back of the computer.

I feel like it might be a BIOS issue, but I really want the BIOS to be a last resort, because if I try to update the BIOS and some power issue comes in and turns my computer off or something. I really don't want to brick my MB.

CPU: Ryzen 2600X
Ram 16GB
GPU: GTX 1060 3GB
PSU: 450 Wats
(If it helps my boot drive is an SSD)