My transfer speed is slow using home network



Hello,I have a Dell D520 And a Compac EVO on ny home network. My router is a westell 7500. when i try to transfer files from one computer to the next, the speeds are ridiculously slow. This is the same with remote desktop file transfers too.
Please help me with this issue.
Thanx in advance.


Sep 19, 2012

I have 200MB file on ASUS notebook Win7 (dunno disk speed but is < 1 yr old)
wireless transfer to Linksys router (I expect only g)
ethernet transfer to DLink dual g,n (uses n I am sure)
(probably wireless) transfer to HP Win7 (dunno disk speed but < 1 yr 2 TB disk)

I get 160-250 KB/s, per the Windows progress bar on the ASUS
I was expecting up x10 that


If you incorporate a form of network encryption (WEP/WPA/2), that's going to have a major influence in the speed of your transfer, with WPA/2 taking roughly twice the amount of time to transfer than WEP does (not much of a difference between WEP and no encryption). As well, wireless is about 5x slower than a physical connection, generally speaking.

Do you know what kind of network security you have in place? If you disable your network encryption you'll see significantly higher transfer speeds.