My verbatim is giving problems, please help I have a lot of info on it

marietjie rabe

Mar 5, 2012
My verbatim memory fell off the table. I immediately connected it to my cp and started watching a dvd that was saved on it. While watching something happened and verbatim hard dribe just stopped I tried unplugging and restarting my cp. I now get a messagve that says I need to format the harddrive when I plug in to the computer. I don't understand it was working ok!!


Apr 23, 2009
If that doesn't work, well, your drive is most likely doa. They are not made to withstand drops from a table, and especially not if it was running at the time. What happens is that the read/write heads for the harddrive basically sit on the platter itself. When subjected to shock (like being dropped) the heads bounce against the surface and cause scratches and little pieces of metal to flake off. Then the metal flakes get caught under the r/w heads and cause more scratches.

You can try using a program such as ontrack easyrecovery but nothing is guaranteed at this point. If you want a better change at connecting to the drive, you will need to remove it from the external enclosure and try hooking it up directly to your computer, assuming you have a desktop and not a laptop.