Question My WD passport doesn’t responding, it detects in file explorer but not accessible.

Jun 19, 2019
Hello Guys, I need your help. It has been 8 months, I brought a WD passport. I stored a quite of data backup in it. 2 days ago, I sensed buffering problem at that time I was watching a video that what was inside of it. Instantly, I safely copied some data from WD. I unplugged it then reconnect and then realized that I was a fool. I have been trying in everyway to open it, but windows file explorer did respond when it's connected, cannot see a thing from disk management. My valuable memories still inside of it. Try to check the problem through Data Lifeguard Diagnostic but that program still "Not responding" until I unplugged that damn WD drive from USB port. Also connecting the HDD and trying to restart the computer twice, computer didn’t restart as long as it's connected. I also checked in device manager from USB Root or the other things described in Google ..... all goes failed. No third-party partition manager software opens as long as this damn WD connected with my laptop.
Do you have any alternative solution to revive it?? Please help me, if I give it up to service center surely they will replace it but data will be lost forever.


try the drive on another computer, maybe yours has a windows configuration or a hardware problem. if the drive doesn't work in other pcs, then it's toast most likely

also do complete virus scans and malware scans on your host pc.


Most likely this is a hardware issue and recovery is unlikely at the user level. If the data is important enough to warrant the expense then consider sending it out to a reputable data recovery service.

In the future, keep in mind that a backup is an extra copy of important files and not your 'only' copy. The more important the data, the more extra copies of it you have , all kept on different devices. You may even wish to store a copy away from your house/apt in case something really bad happens there.
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