[SOLVED] my wifi extender cant access internet

Sep 22, 2019
so Im in a moving vessel and we have unlimited internet 24/7 even when we are in the middle of an ocean. My problem our wifi modem is a bit far from my cabin (room) so the wifi signal is very weak i need to open my door so that i can get 1 signal of wifi internet, so i bought a wifi repeater/extender its "XIAOMI" I manage to connect it to the main wifi and the repeater broadcasted a new SSID but the problem is there is no internet. I think it has something to do with our user log in. beacause qhen we connect to the main wifi using our phones we enter the wifi password but you dont have internet yet, you should log in again to your browser with our log in credentials. the log in page is "infinity" . Can someone help me how can my repeater be able to access this log in page? thanks


And if the vessel's structure is interfering with wifi as you describe, I am not certain that a repeater/extender will improve the connectivity and/or performance. There are always trade-offs involved.

Who has the necessary admin rights and manages your ship's network and router?

You really need to work with that person to manually set up and configure (as suggested by @kerberos_20) the extender.

Otherwise you may make things worse.
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