Question My wifi restart for udp transmission in shadow pc

Jan 19, 2021
Hello good guys I have a problem to see if anyone can help me well I currently have a subscription to shadow cloud Gaming but I have had a rather annoying problem, it turns out that if I use the udp protocol for shadow transmission my Internet connection drops approximately 20 minutes oh less after the transmission started and I'm talking about it crashing because it literally restarts as if I had touched the power button this does not happen with the tcp protocol that works well however it is extremely slow eh unstable and has incredible ping peaks
What i've tried so far
  • I have changed wifi channels both manually and letting my router choose for me
  • I have disabled the igm snooping and the proxy which did not work
  • I have reduced the maximum bits shadow can use by setting it to the lowest level
what's up doesn't work
  • I have disabled the h.265 codec and it restarted both in the h. 264 as in h. 265
  • Download the shadow app on my mobile to rule out the outdated drivers of my pc and it still cuts out wherever the streaming is running
I think that is all that I have tried, I know that some will tell me to use ethernet but currently I do not have access to this I hope someone can give me an idea of what is happening apart I attach this trace route that I have done maybe it helps to find solution I hope someone can help me since the blade support is the worst I have seen in my life thank you very much in advance.
1 targets
0 alive
1 unreachable
1 timeouts
10 ICMP Echo sent
0 ICMP Replied recevied
0 other ICMP recevied
Hard to say since I don't know how that application works. TCP there is a constant back and forth of messages. It is a much higher quality connection because of this but because all data much be acknowledged as being received it can be slower in some applications.

This is all related to how the applicaiton is designed. They can work perfectly well with tcp....assuming you are not trying to run on a satelite with 500ms or something. Normal games use UDP and have few issue but it depends on how the application works. The game itself will send acknoledgement of data rather than the network protocol when you use UDP. Now a true UDP stream can just say "server start sending data please" and then never talk to the server again. In theory the data could then be sent forever with no further transmissions. Nothing really works that way for a number of reasons.

My guess is that NAT in the router is timing out. Both to not run out of memory and for security issues if the router has not seen traffic back from the end device in some period of time it will drop the session.

BUT if it is really doing this you have a application issue not a network issue. The application must consider limitations within the technology. Unless they clearly document changes you must make to your router for their application to work I can't see how you would ever guess. That is assuming there is something you can actually change in the router in the first place.

Still you first step is to test this on ethernet for a short time. Wifi causes all kinds of strange issues because there is so much data loss and random delay even in the best connections. You do not want to waste your time changing router stuff and testing internet connections when it could be a wifi setting.