Question My windows 10 is becoming slow, help me please !!!

Jul 19, 2022
Hello everyone, so basically the tittle, to give more context: ive been using my laptop with windows for many tasks, such as coding and gaming, i have it since 2018, but recently it has been freezing constantly, especially in gaming, like very 3 seconds, that is no impact on the fps while not in the crash moment compared to before this problem start, however the crashs are new, this did not happen at all, also i know this problem is only on windows because i run a dual boot on my laptop, ubuntu and windows 10, on ubuntu i have some freezing issues, but it is very rare, i try to monitorate and this basically happens when the cpu usage rises, after that it goes to 0% and freezes for a few seconds, something to have in mind, i test this on guild wars 2, i have the same game on windows 10 and ubuntu, ubuntu is running with lutris and wine, its expected to windows 10 run better, because wine try to emulate a native version of windows inside of linux, but its not happening, the fps when not freezing is better on windows, but the freezes are extremely annoying. I try to find some solutions before posting here, tried to defragment the disk, it made no difference, tried to limit the power usuage to 90%, it did get better, but still very bad, only slighty better, i guess its because i use intel and when i put on 90% i lose the cpu boost, i could see this by monitoring with MSI, i also tried to update my BIOS, im using the most recently version, after that i went a bit extreme and restore my windows to factory settings, deleting the files and all, no help at all, i payed for a cleaning on my laptop, it did get better, but still bad, so im hopeless, i can only think that my notebook deteriorate with time and for some unknow reason ubuntu is running games better. Some notes that maybe usefull: i'm not sure when this slow thing started, however i think it was around the time that i decided to install ubuntu, that may be the cause, but that is no reason to be, which was like 5-7 months ago, thanks in advance, best regards.

Note: My english is not my first language, so i apologize for any mistakes that i made, and hopefully none are major to the point that you guys cant understand