Question My Windows freezes randomly

Sep 26, 2019

I have a problem on my PC for some time now. When I am doing some tasks on my PC (whether being browsing or heavy-duty tasks like video editing) my Windows freezes randomly. Sometimes it lasts 5 seconds, sometimes 10, 15, 20 but sometimes it goes up to a minute of freeze and I am unable to do anything while it's frozen. I can't open task manager or any other app so I am forced to just wait for it to unfreezes. Also, I sometimes get 4-6 freezes in 1-2 minute time span but other times I can be working for hour or two and it doesn't freeze, not even once. It usually happens when I am launching two browsers or have one open and click on the other one to launch it. It also happens frequently when I game so it takes away the joy of playing games. It also makes my life pretty frustrating when trying to get some work done. Whether it's editing some music video, or actually making music it is annoying not to be able to work smoothly. But also interesting fact is that while PC is frozen I am able to move my cursor but that's the only thing I can do, and it isn't really helpful because, as I said, I am unable to launch any app while PC is frozen. I really don't know is this Windows based or hardware based problem so any help regarding my problem would be really appreciated.

Thank you for your help!