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[SOLVED] My Windows Keep Showing Blue Screen

Jul 9, 2020
i recently installed windows 10(4 days ago), i have data in my hard disk that why i did not format whole hard disk. I only format my C drive and installed new windows. After doing this the blue screen was start popup.

First it shows,

2.Some WatchDog(not game) Issue
3.Page Fault In NonPaged Area with StopCode: System Thread Exceptionall Not Handled
4. Ntfs.sys.

I solved first two but after solving one problem another popup.

This time i clear my all data and format all the driver (which was dynamic at that time changing it also take so much time) to install new windows.

i again try to reinstall windows 10 but after 95% it popup with "No Installation Media Found". (try to installed from USB)

finally after changing driver(as i told above) i installed windows 8 which was installed in my laptop(take my approx 5 days due to all this issue).

But i still get same Memory_Management error few hours ago. I check my hard disk it's working perfectly, Please anyone have any suggestion or method to solve this problem.

Thanks in Advance.
Jul 9, 2020
What are your PC's specs?
If you have overclocked then return the system to stock settings.
Have you run Memory testing? I use memtest86+. If any error show up, your ram is bad or not compatible.

i7 5th gen
8 gb ram

Thanks i used memtest86:
i have 10216 error and test not completed becoz "Test has aborted due too many error".
i just want to know does these r cause by something? i mean wht if i installed other it also popup with these problems becoz these errors is not look like normal ram errors!