[SOLVED] My Windows often crashes when opening games like Valorant, aim lab, apex, all games. How can i figure out what cause that happen?

May 5, 2022
even when i play very low spec needed like lego batman 1. its always crash in midgame. Valorant will crash when in the agent pick, or in the mid game. but its oftenly happen at agent select (when instalock). everytime the pcs crash the led in nvme stop from blinking, when i wait for a bit, it will send the screen to bios, and no drive device detected, but when i fully force turn off nthen turn it on again, sometimes no drive detected but i just repeat it and it always work. Im just suspecting the problem is on my gpu or ssd, but i try lock the gpu clock to the lowest possible (i dont think ive done it in a right way or it will affect the gpu clock or not). and its keep crashing. how can i check the ssd drive? i already use crystaldisk*cmiiw and it said ssd healty 99% and everything in a good condition.

hope i get any solution thank you

Ryzen 5 3600
mobo asrock a320m
Kingston 8gb 3200mhz RAM
psu infinity 500w 80+

That PSU is very concerning. Fake 80 Plus certificate, only really a 300W PSU at best. It doesn't take a lot to power a 1650, but this is so dodgy that I wouldn't even turn this PC on with this PSU installed.