Question My wired speeds are way slower than my wifi?


Feb 10, 2015
So i have gigblast from cox which was giving me somewhere around 800 to 900 down and around 40 up and didn't have an issue till last couple days. for whatever reason my wired speeds are way slower than before around 10% of what they should be , i tried seeing if it was my cables so i tried brand new cables but that didn't work so i tried running speed test's on my phone still the same issue before, was getting anywhere from 200 to 300 down and 30 up now only getting little over 100 down and at times 2 to 4 up "i know wifi is going to be slower".

So next i checked my network switches no issue so i connected directly without my switches and the same problem lastly i used a different computer to see if it was an issue with my new pc but still the same. Nothing has changed in my setup apart from my new pc i built and changed out my old one but i think that a coincidence because my speeds are slow on all my devices wired and on wifi.

Lastly i have two different connections in my house a 2.4G one and a 5G one it didn't really matter to me because i was wired directly up until now, all my speed test on wifi were on the 2.4G one but switched to the 5G one and the speeds are much faster than my wired connection still not what they used to be.

So now i have a problem that my wireless connection to my pc is faster than my wired connection and i can't figure out why. Keep i mind i have no idea what is going on so take everything i say with a grain of salt. but right now i connected over wifi to my 5G network instead of wired directly and getting much faster speeds. So does anyone know why im getting faster speed over wifi?