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Question My wireless adapter randomly stops working

Jul 4, 2020
I recently bought a netgear ax4 router because my last router died and everything was great for a while until my desktop and only my desktop started having issues with connecting. I figured since i live in a busy house upgrading the wireless adapter to a wifi 6 card will help so i bought a PCE-AX58BT from asus and other than the random disconnect i get it works great.

This is most notable when I'm playing a game my pc will slow down drastically and start to stutter bringing game fps from about 100+ to about 50 and this lasts about 5 seconds. In that time the wifi adapter completely stops working. All i do to fix it is tab out and run the troubleshooter and windows fixes it, but I'm not sure why it's happening. I have an asus z390-e motherboard and i did have to disable onboard wifi for this card to work but that is the only thing i've disabled. Figured I'd ask other people that may know more as I'm fairly new to this but the fps drops in games and the quick troubleshoot fix tells me this is happening on the software level so it may be a program crashing. Was also wondering if there was a way for me to see when and if a program crashes assuming that is the problem to help me see what the culprit is.

I have tried doing a fresh install of the software as well.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition.

Look in Reliability History for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that correspond to the times of the stuttering.

Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor (just one at a time) to observe system performance. First while the computer idles, then while doing light work/browsing, and lastly while gaming.

Note what resources are being used and to what extent (%) and by what software.