Nov 11, 2010
Hello, how can I find out my wireless security key pass phrase? I have forgotten it and I had to have a new hard drive set up so I have no way of retrieving it. Can you help me find it, I really need my wireless set back up!! I cannot connect to my network without it. Help I need it now!!
What router are you using ?? And have you also changed the password to enter the router configuration or is it still the default password ?

IF you have the password to get to the router configuration you can retrieve your network WEP or WPA key by going into the router and looking there

for example on a Linksys router connect your PC or laptop directly to the router using a network cable and go to (this is the router IP) - once connected click on wireless, then wireless security and you should see the page with the key listed.

IF you do not have the password for the router - then you will need to reset the router to factory defaults and then use the default password to do the above.

For example again using a Linksys router :

To restore the router configuration to factory defaults, hold the reset button on the unit for 30 seconds.

Once your router is hard reset, you will need to login and configure it again.

To reconfigure your LinkSys, connect a PC to one of it's Ethernet ports, load a web browser, and go to the URL This will take you to a popup box which asks you to enter a username and password to login to your router. On older LinkSys routers, the default username is blank and the default password is "admin." On newer Linksys routers, both the default username and the default password are set to "admin."

Once you go past the login screen, you should be able to reconfigure the LinkSys router.