Question myetherwallet to real money


Oct 20, 2013
Hi I have completely no idea about mining. I have a RX580 I used it to mine Ethereum using Claymore's Dual miner on nanopool now it says I have 0.05 ETH in mytherwallet so how do I convert the ETH into INR or USD or any other real money and send it to my bank account?
Please guide me step my step or a video link or something would be very helpful.
Thank you so much!
You need to use a broker to trade currencies, I personally used Kraken when I mined.
There are others too but I don't know much about them. For Kraken, you need to make an account which needs to be verified through sending a picture of some ID card (can't remember which) it'll take some time to get verified but once you do, you can freely send, withdraw and trade many different currencies there (crypto and fiat).
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