Mysterious old PC Problem



Basically, I've had this computer since 2007. I've had many problems over the years and everything that was replaced was paid for with my lunch money. My parents refuse to buy me a new PC no matter what I say.

A few days ago, I bought a new hard drive because the old one died. Once I installed it, the computer ran for some time, then started freezing and the OS that was on the drive for 2 whole hours wouldn't boot. I decided to reinstall Windows, but this time, during the installation process, I wasn't able to format the hard drive. I tried many different USB tools, CMD, Windows Start up repair, nothing. Then, I moved the computer from one desk to the other and the "old" problem arised again. My BIOS wouldn't recognize the new hard drive. I had this problem with the old drive, but assumed the HDD was the problem since it was running pretty loud. Than suddenly, the computer won't POST anymore. So I reset CMOS, it posts, but still no HDD in the BIOS. My flash drive showed up in the BIOS just fine though. I did all the basics, such as reseating connectors, swapping SATA cables,etc. and still nothing. The main problem is, I have no spare parts to test with. Nothing. I can't borrow them anywhere, I'm stuck at guessing. My suspicions are: Motherboard or PSU. Don't know which one could it be. Very frustrated either way.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.


Oct 22, 2016
Try using a usb and see if it recognizes it. Also use air spray can and clean the hell out of the psu, fans and motherboard. if its 11 years old it needs a good cleaning and I suspect you have dust arcing going on.

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