[SOLVED] (Mysteriously Solved) Cat disaster messed up my mouse

May 29, 2020
I'm using an HP EliteBook running with Win 10.
Not certain on other specs, since it's an office laptop and not something I purchased myself.

I lock the TouchPad and use an external mouse, one of those cheap ones you get at the store on your way home cause you need one and your expensive mouse broke, sort of mouse.

Earlier today I was irresponsible enough to leave the laptop open and left the house.
When I returned, the laptop had several weird windows open, and I immediately realized the cat was all over it.

Now, everything seems to be fine, the keyboard works perfectly and all the keys seem to function the way they should.
TouchPad is working perfectly fine, and all 4 buttons function properly (upper and lower ones).
The only thing that seems to not work is the external mouse.
When moved, the cursor moves fine, but clicking it makes weird things happen.
Clicking it once (and letting go) sometimes functions like holding the left mouse button down and dragging, but not always.
Sometimes clicking on the left mouse button acts like clicking on the right.
More often than not, nothing happens at all, and whatever weird thing happens when I click on the mouse, it only happens once and then it doesn't happen again.

I tried of course restarting my laptop, using a different port, uninstall device from the device manager and checking for drivers.
I'm fairly certain the mouse itself isn't broken, although I've yet to confirm if it works on another laptop.
It's not overly old, and it's been perfectly fine a few hours ago, and the only thing that changed was the cat that walked on the keyboard.
Mouse wasn't found on the ground, so I'm also confident it didn't fell or got hit somehow.

The mouse has a really cheap 'lighting' effect all over it's surface. It used to be fluid and smooth, changing colors slowly.
Now I noticed that it's mostly off, but when I click it sort of 'flashes' red for a few moments.

I forgot to mention that scrolling does seem to work with the external mouse.

I'd appreciate any help you guys have, and will update if I find more info.


Win 10 Master
Cats are dangerous, they can do commands on your kb you wouldn't believe exist.

try a clean boot and see if it fixes it as maybe the problems caused by start up programs- make sure to read instructions and make sure NOT to disable any microsoft services or windows won't load right - https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/929135/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows

if clean boot fixes it, it shows its likely a startup program. You should, over a number of startups. restart the programs you stopped to isolate the one that is to blame.

what make mouse is it? does it have its own software?

Isn't it fitting that a cat attacks your computer and the mouse plays up? maybe it got scared :)
May 29, 2020
Well, this is really weird.
I placed the laptop in sleep mode and closed the lid, went to bed.
After a good night's sleep, I tested the mouse on another laptop, just to be sure it's not the problem. (It was working fine.)
I reattached it to my laptop, and... It works.

I haven't done anything aside from what I mentioned in my original post, and I haven't even gotten to try a clean boot.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help!