Question Mystery device on Huawei AI Cube

Sep 22, 2019
I recently got a Huawei AI cube (mobile broadband router). It's been working fine. Today I got Fing and it showed me that there is a strange device on . This doesn't show up on the list on the router webpage. It does show up with other scanners, though, both on Android and Mac.

The router is setup to issue IP addresses from The first thirteen are filled with devices I recognize and then this one is at the end of the range.

I tried MAC address blocking it, but it still was there.

I pinged it and it's a touch slower than (some) other devices but still 5-20ms.

I changed the WiFi password. The mysterious device immediately showed up on the same IP even though nothing else could connect.

I factory reset the router. It showed up again, immediately.

I changed the IP range to After a router restart, the mystery device is now on

I don't think a factory reset uninstalls firmware updates, so it could be something has infected this firmware (it has a dodgy name according to Fing "pietsmiet porn to go schnittc"). Or that could be a Fing peculiarity (I guess, no other scanners find that name), maybe it's a messed up MAC database. Google says "Pietsmiet porn to go" is actually a variety of laptop and schnittc nearly means sewing pattern, as far as I can tell.

Maybe, apart from a Fing-applied name, it's a normal part of the router (maybe so you can find the last address with a scan). Nothing else looks weird in the settings -- no DNS entries or anything that I can see.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance..
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Disable wireless entirely and disconnect all ethernet cables except the PC/laptop being used as the terminal. This will narrow down the source to only 2 devices (router or PC). If the rogue device doesn't appear then connect things one at a time until it does. At that point you've found the source. Though it sounds like it may be the router, since that's the only device that actually knows what the last DHCP address is.