Name of the software which can restore the data after installation of new window


May 30, 2012
there was some data in my laptop and suddenly its window became corrupted and i have to reinstall the window xp in it again and after that i could not find my data in the laptop. i came to know that it is stored in the hard disc of my laptop and it can be restored with the help of a software. so i want to know the information of that software and also want to know that whether the software could be downloaded free from the internet for my personal use for trial.
You can find some free recovery software here:

Please bear in mind that although it's often possible to recover files which have been accidentally deleted, it's a different matter when Windows has been re-installed on the same partition where the required files were.

Installing Windows overwrites everything on that partition, making it very likely that all the old files will be damaged and not usable. The files you want may not even exist anymore. You should have kept backups on a different drive.